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The company operates in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system and strictly controls the products from design and development to green body processing, inspection, installation, commissioning and final inspection of the instrument. It is suitable for chemical, petroleum, light industry, pharmaceutical, and environmental protection. Some departments like scientific research are equipped with gas and fluid metering, opening a new height of industry wisdom.

  • How to buy a woodworking lathe?

    First make clear what you want to do with a woodworking lathe? Do n’t mistakenly think that buying a woodworking lathe can do all the work. We divide the woodworking lathe into various specifications and models in order to deal with various processing tasks. So before you buy, be sure to fully explain to our sales staff what you want to do, including the size of the workpiece to be processed, materials and so on. Secondly, what is woodworking lathe? The internal structure of the machine produced by each woodworking lathe manufacturer is basically the same, but the quality of the machine is very different. At this time, you are required to polish your eyes and see the quality of the woodworking lathe materials and the quality of the accessories used. But most customers do n’t know about it. Even if they see the machine on site, they ca n’t tell the difference. This requires you to prepare in advance and understand what is a woodworking lathe? CNC woodworking lathe is mainly composed of ...

  • What is a woodworking lathe?

    Woodworking lathes are mainly composed of the bed, tailstock, tool rest, headstock, spindle, chuck, motor, and variable speed transmission. The turning tool is used to turn the surface of a rotating workpiece. It is widely used in furniture manufacturing and construction Decoration, handicraft production and other fields. Woodworking lathes are divided into ordinary woodworking lathes, contour woodworking lathes and CNC woodworking lathes. Ordinary woodworking lathe workpieces are clamped in a chuck, or supported between the two ends of the main shaft and the tailstock for rotary movement. The turning tool is mounted on the tool holder, and the slide box is used to move longitudinally or laterally. The tool can also be held against the bracket to feed. Ordinary woodworking lathes are used for turning outer circles, turning end faces, grooving and boring. The profile woodworking lathe master is installed in parallel with the workpiece. The master can be fixed or rotated at the same spee...