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How to use CNC woodworking lathe correctly? Author : Hongye Machinery / Time : 12-11-2019

1. The equipment should be kept dry and free of corrosive gases and other corrosive substances. The equipment must not be in a humid environment, and the ambient temperature is ≤50 ° C. (Stepping motor temperature opening ≤100 ℃ is normal.)

2. The power required for the equipment is a stable (380V three-phase four-wire (including neutral)) power supply with a voltage fluctuation of ± 2.5%. The single cross-sectional area of ​​the introduced power supply must not be less than 2 mm 2 The crimping point of the power supply must be fastened without loosening, otherwise the resistance at the interface is too high and it may cause heat, which may cause the power cord to burn out or even burn out the internal electrical components! The power inlet is the terminal in the lower left corner.

3. High-frequency and high-voltage electrical signals have strong interference with the control circuit and may cause damage to the driver. Please do not place the electric box near equipment with high-frequency interference.

4. The supply of gas source shall ensure the normal supply of gas. The requirements of the gas-supplying pump: a nominal volume flow of 0.25m3 / min or more. The storage volume of the gas storage tank is more than 70 liters. In order to prevent the aging of the air supply pipe, the air pipe should be made of high-quality polyurethane material. Special note: sudden gas breakage during processing will bring considerable danger!

5. In order to shield the interference and safety protection, it should be ensured that the ground wire is connected firmly, unreliable grounding, and it is easy to cause personal injury and mechanical malfunction.

6. The air source pressure range used by this machine: 0.4-0.8 Mpa (The air source pressure should be adjusted between 0.4 and 0.6 Mpa before processing of small columns below 6 cm. Hard wood should be pushed according to the observation to push the thimble and tailstock thimble into Increase the pressure appropriately to ensure that the wood does not fall off at high speed when it is entering the wood. The square column should be adjusted to the pressure of the air source to 0.6--0.8 Mpa.) When the pressure is between 0.4-0.6 Mpa, the "filter" pressure screw To 0.6 Mpa, the pneumatic switch is rotated to a pressure of 6 kg and the pressure difference is 3 kg. When the pressure between 0.6-0.8 Mpa is required, the "filter" pressure is rotated to 0.8 Mpa, and the pneumatic switch is rotated to a pressure of 8 kg and the differential pressure is 3 kg.

7. Check the locking condition of the tailstock before processing. If the tailstock is not locked, the object will fall off during processing and cause serious personal injury.

8. In order to ensure personal safety, sudden power failure and gas cut-off during processing will cause personal injury. For safety reasons, please do not face the rotating processing object during the processing!

9. The length error of the same batch of processed objects should be within 2 cm.

10. Do not touch the running machine parts and processing parts with your hands. Do not put your hands on the moving parts that are prone to collisions. To adjust the machine tool or clear debris, you must first cut off the power and wait for the axis to stop.

11. According to the processing rotation direction, correctly install the turning knife's cutting edge direction. At the same time with the dust hood.

12. The equipment can only be operated by qualified personnel, and the provisions of the manual should be read and implemented before commissioning and operation. Qualified personnel must be people who have been trained and clicked to operate and identify equipment in accordance with standards.

13. The exposed part of the machine under power is the source of danger and personal injury. Any direct and indirect contact may cause an accident.

14. The position of the inlet pipe of the feeding rack should be correct, and the position of the inlet port should be power down. To prevent dangerous accidents. The air speed regulating switch should adjust the stroke speed of the feeding rack to a speed not exceeding 5000 mm per minute. The tailstock cylinder interface must be installed correctly to ensure that it is debugged as a power-off top wood before processing.

15. Cut off the external power supply during machine maintenance. The power input must be attended by someone, and the inspection and repair of the machine tool must be operated by a professional licensed electrician. Blind experimental inspections may lead to an increase in the area of ​​the fault or an accident, which will cause greater trouble to the later formal inspections.

16. The guide rail slider and screw nut should be fully lubricated before the machine is turned on every day. The acidic sawdust will rust and be lubricated by the system if it is not used for a long time. Forcibly opening before lubrication may cause damage to the component. This component is not covered by the warranty.

17. Operators who are not trained by Ling Rui shall not use the machine. When operating the machine, two persons shall not operate the machine at the same time. Without Ling Rui ’s consent, the machine shall be resold for a second time. The subsequent safety issues have nothing to do with our factory.

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