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Why choose automatic CNC woodworking lathe? Author : Hongye Machinery / Time : 12-11-2019

CNC woodworking lathe adopts cast iron bed to reduce deformation and smooth transmission

1. The bed is designed according to the manufacturing specifications of the machining machine, using one-time casting and aging treatment to reduce process distortion and improve the stability of the equipment.

2. High-performance belt drive system to ensure the quality of the workpiece and the service life of the equipment.

3. The air-cooled electric control cabinet can effectively reduce the temperature of the electrical control cabinet and prolong the service life of various electrical components.

CNC woodworking lathe has the characteristics of high efficiency, multi-function and high finish

1. Double-axis four-tool turning. There is a 10mm gap in the axial distance between the double-axis of each axis, and the turning efficiency is high. At the same time, it takes only 90s to complete the turning, milling, and engraving of 2 columns, which doubles the efficiency.

2. One-time setting of multi-function processing, turning, straightening groove, milling spiral surface, curved surface engraving, plane engraving, automatic switching, suitable for the processing of complex and beautiful flower-shaped workpieces.

3. Freely change the milling and carving angle.

4. Freely adjust the turning ratio according to the actual situation of the processed materials, reduce the runout and vibration of the workpiece, and increase the finish of the turning wood.

NC woodworking lathe adopts NC frequency conversion, energy saving, real-time speed regulation, and multi-level safety protection

1. Adopt high-performance frequency converter, frequency conversion adjustment, stepless speed change, real-time adjustment of speed according to the size of the workpiece, saving energy.

2. Multi-level safety overload protection, effectively protect the motor and machinery, and ensure that the equipment runs under normal load.

CNC woodworking lathe adopts U disk connection mode, convenient to change pattern, no programming required, system can be updated and upgraded

1. Simple drawing, support for multiple drawing formats, support for multiple drawing software, easy to master and use without basic drawing personnel.

2. Automatic image recognition, only need to draw simple graphic files, and it can be processed without complicated programming process.

3. The Tengtai CNC system can be upgraded with a U disk to achieve remote writing and local operation.

4. Supports single and double-knife machining at one time, without the need to write complicated programs, it can complete the processing of different cutting amounts multiple times to meet different workpiece processing requirements, convenient and fast.

5. The pause memory function is convenient for the subsequent start of the suspended work during the processing, in order to conveniently check the quality (precision and finish) of the processed test piece and make adjustments immediately.

6. Dedicated CNC high-speed and high-precision CNC operating system, simple operation, short learning time, no need of professional knowledge, higher processing speed, and good consistency of processed products.

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