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How can CNC woodworking lathes replace traditional woodworking lathes? Author : Hongye Machinery / Time : 12-11-2019

Traditional woodworking lathes are slow, operators cannot leave the machine, high operating requirements, and poor stability of the lathes; operators have long learning times, are prone to errors, high defective rates, slow processing speeds, unstable processing quality, and rough workpiece surfaces It directly affects the difficulty of the next grinding process, and also makes the labor intensity and difficulty of the operation larger. When encountering local hard parts of the processed part, it is easy to cause the safety problem of the broken part of the processed part.

Lingrui automatic CNC woodworking lathe is suitable for processing both slender and coarse wood, and has a wide range of softness and hardness of the processing material. The surface of the workpiece after processing is brighter than that of existing woodworking lathes; including the base and the bed The body, program control system, headstock, center plate, tool post movement system, tailstock, and machine tool lubrication system are characterized by the program control system, headstock, tailstock, tool post movement system, and machine tool lubrication system installed on the bed. The body is connected to the base; it is mainly used for wood processing.

CNC woodworking lathes are not the only ones that can process completely symmetrical wooden rod parts. They are also the opposite sex parts that can be made very difficult to process, such as European-style chair legs, special-shaped crafts, and so on.

If a European-style chair leg is processed by a woodworking engraving machine, it takes about 10 minutes, while using a fully automatic CNC woodworking lathe only takes about 2 minutes, which also includes rough grinding. Does this processing efficiency greatly improve the processing efficiency and quality of parts?

Compared with traditional woodworking lathes, what are the advantages of automatic CNC woodworking lathes?

1. Strong adaptability to processing objects.

Because when changing the machining parts on the CNC woodworking lathe, only new programs need to be reprogrammed to realize the processing of new parts. Unlike traditional woodworking lathes, there is no need to manufacture and replace many tools, fixtures and measuring tools, and no need to readjust the lathe . Therefore, CNC woodworking lathes can quickly change from processing one part to processing another part, which provides great convenience for single parts, small batches and trial production of new products, which not only shortens the production preparation cycle, but also saves Cost of a lot of tools.

2. Automatic operation mode.

Compared with traditional lathes, the automation degree of CNC woodworking machine tools has been greatly improved. NC woodworking lathes do not require workers to operate the equipment at all times, but just use the programming language to compile the drawing content into the computer of the NC lathe before processing. The computer will actively analyze and instruct the equipment through the central processor. Such a CNC machine tool is a great relief for manpower and greatly improves the delivery accuracy.

3. High processing accuracy.

CNC woodworking lathes are processed by instructions given in digital form. Because the pulse equivalent of current CNC woodworking devices can generally reach 0.001 mm, and the backlash of the feed transmission chain and the screw pitch error can be performed by the CNC device. Compensation, so CNC woodworking lathes can achieve higher processing accuracy and quality stability, which is determined by the necessary measures taken by the structural design of CNC lathes and the characteristics of mechanical and electrical integration. The first is to use the ball screw nut structure and various clearance elimination structures to reduce the mechanical transmission error as much as possible. The second is to use software precision compensation technology to further reduce the mechanical error. The third is to use Program-controlled processing reduces the influence of human factors on processing accuracy. These measures not only ensure the higher machining accuracy of CNC woodworking lathes, but also ensure the stability of higher machining quality.

4. Good processing quality.

Compared with traditional CNC woodworking lathes, CNC woodworking lathes are not only suitable for processing slender wood but also coarse wood, and have a wide range of softness and hardness of the processing material.

5. One machine is prolific and it is imperative to improve work efficiency.

When a traditional lathe is processing, one product is intelligently processed at a time, while a two-axis and two-tool CNC woodworking lathe in a CNC woodworking lathe can process two identical products at the same time. Simple operation, convenient drawing, easy-to-understand, one-click conversion of product styles, personnel without professional knowledge can operate with a little training. And the fully automatic CNC woodworking lathe can operate 2-3 sets by one person at the same time, which greatly improves the processing efficiency, saves labor and money, and brings good economic benefits. The time required for part processing includes two parts: maneuver time and auxiliary time. CNC lathe can effectively reduce these two parts of time, so the processing productivity is much higher than that of ordinary woodworking lathes. The range of spindle speed and feed of CNC lathes is larger than that of ordinary lathes. Each process can use the most suitable cutting amount. At the same time, good structural rigidity allows CNC woodworking lathes to perform powerful cutting with large cutting amounts, effectively saving. Maneuver time. The rapid movement and positioning of the moving parts of the CNC lathes adopt acceleration and deceleration measures. Therefore, a high idle travel speed is selected, which consumes much less time in fast forward, rewind and positioning than ordinary lathes. The machining accuracy of CNC woodworking lathes is relatively stable. Generally, only the first piece inspection and the sampling inspection of key dimensions between processes are performed, so the inspection time can be reduced. When using a CNC woodworking lathe with a tool magazine and an automatic tool changer, continuous processing of multiple processes is realized on one lathe, which reduces the turnaround time of semi-finished products and the production efficiency is even more obvious.

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